About Us

The Boutique

La Perna first opened its door in December 2007 in the lobby area of the then Crown Princess Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The hotel has since been renamed Double Tree Hilton after extensive restoration works. La Perna moved into its present location in the lobby area of the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in June 2012. La Perna Pearl Boutique brings to you the finest pearls from around the world.

You will find simply irresistible the classic beauty of the Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl. Images of romance in the high seas will be conjured when you see our South Sea Pearls. And the Tahitian Cultured Pearls, with their exotic dark hues, will bring to mind lovely Polynesian atolls. And Freshwater Pearls have colours as vibrant as the places they come from. Keshi Pearls, with their baroque shapes and incredible shine, will cause us to reconsider our concept of the perfect pearl. La Perna also offers something that very few jewellers in the world today have - Natural South Sea Pearls.

We are very proud of our unique collection of Natural South Sea Pearls, some of which are not for sale. In addition to fine pearls, La Perna has assorted clasps to match your pearl strand. Professional threading (stringing) service is provided. And if you need help in identification or appraisal of pearls, we are more than happy to oblige. And if you need pearls to be set in rings or earrings, we have our own goldsmith to custom-make unique jewelry pieces for you.

At La Perna, you can always find something to suit any occasion, whether it is for a wedding, a saturday night out, a job interview, or a candle-light dinner.

The Name

Perla, Perle, Perlen, Pearl. These are words in different European languages describing that alluring and timeless jewel from the water. It is only fitting that we call our pearl boutique 'La Perna' as the Latin word 'Perna' described a type of pearl-bearing sea mussel.

Linguists believe that 'Perna' gave rise to Perla (spanish), Perle (French), Perlen (German) and Pearl (English). The logo of 'La Perna' pays homage to that humble bivalve that continues to produce a jewel that has enchanted emperors and the common man alike over the centuries.

The Philosophy

At 'La Perna', we treat our pearls like prized collections rather than as a merchandise to be bought and sold. We have over the years built up a collection of pearls that are extensive, variable, unique, and interesting.

We make every effort to procure not only the finest pearls, but also the most unusual. La Perna is more than just a pearl boutique. It is intended as a place where pearl lovers can come and be entertained by our pearls and by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

It is intended as a place where anyone who walks in with zero knowledge of pearls will however walk out after an hour with more knowledge about pearls that most people will ever have in their whole life.

We like to think of ourselves as 'Ambassadors of Pearls'. We love our pearls and it shows.

The Proprietors

EDDIE WONG, a Malaysian of mixed ancestry, holds a B.A (Hons) in Geography and Urban Studies from York University, Canada. He also has a Master's Degree in Education from Deakin
University, Australia.

He had had a fulfilling career as an educator before the entrepreneurial spirit and his hobby of collecting seashells got the better of him. He quit the teaching profession in 2001 and made a living selling seashells to collectors in flea markets and over the internet.

A chance meeting of a fellow shell collector from abroad who happened to be a renowned pearl dealer got Eddie interested in pearls. 'La Perna' is borne out of years of exhibiting in bazaars and shopping malls.

Eddie is also the proprietor of Porto Romano Restaurants. He is married to Sonila and they have two lovely kids thus far.
SONILA HAJDERASI was born in Albania and met her future husband when she came to Malaysia as an exchange student. Her keen sense of business led her and her husband to start a Mediterranean-styled restaurant called Porto Romano.

Presently, they have three outlets in the city. Sonila loves her pearls and 'La Perna' is a labour of her love and her determination.